Growing up with music (my mother was a German opera singer), I spent a lot of time with music as a child. Played piano, wrote songs, composed, danced in ballet, sang in the studio, and clubs as a teenager. Creativity was practically put into my cradle. And yet, I had to find my way first. Much later, I had the opportunity to migrate to the US and thus fulfilled a childhood dream. The second came shortly after, in 2015, when I had attended a music production school in New York City and where I was given an SLR camera in the same year. I started to teach myself everything about photography. I absorbed everything like a sponge that lasts until today. In 2016, I was one of the finalists in the Empire State Building Photo Contest, and my picture was exhibited in the building. Dream number 3 came true. I specialize in landscapes, animals, people, and concert photography. And so slowly, I discover the fun of filming. And when I'm not creatively busy, I take care of abandoned animals. I go out and feed cats. We build insulated hotels with blankets and pillows that they find shelter in winter and not have to freeze. Of course, they also get something to eat every day. I was able to save some and bring them to the shelter where they were luckily adopted. And that makes me happy.

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